Most people know that I am not very fond of remakes, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the remakes of the Dead Trilogy. Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead have both been remade, and were actually pretty good. Since both of those remakes made it onto the “big screen,” I was kind of apprehensive to pick this Day of the Dead remake off the shelf.

When I watched it later that evening, I was quite pleased with what I saw. It did start out a little slow, but when it picked up—it was great! :*) I won’t add any spoilers, but it’s worth a rental.

Mena Suvari, Nick Cannon, and Ving Rhames (who starred in the Dawn of the Dead remake) star in this movie.

Do you like the remakes of the Dead series? If you’ve never seen them, rent them all! :*)


  1. OK, here is where I reveal my cultural ignorance:I have never seen any \”of the dead\” movies (unless you count Shaun of the Dead).I keep meaning to watch them, but never get a round to it…

  2. The Night of the Living Dead was the first film I ever saw on video! I can\’t tell you how sophisticated we felt owning our own video machine lol.I shall have to give the remakes a twirl 😀

  3. I think I\’m getting severely descensitized to the Dead movies. I haven\’t been all that taken by them, which sounds a little snobby on my part but don\’t take it that way. Pretty sad, huh?

  4. I can\’t watch Night of the Living Dead alone. I find it genuinely scary. I\’m a big zombie movie fan, but I prefer the comedy type ones because frankly, to me, zombies are hysterical. I know, I\’m a freak.

  5. Charles,I remember the 80\’s knock-off\’s: Return of the Living Dead. Yikes. LOL. :*)David,Blasphemy!! Say it ain\’t so! Get to renting.TravelDiva,Yeah, just when you thought they got away. ;*)Miladysa,Definitely check out the remakes! :*)Dejanae,Check out all of those remakes. You won\’t be disappointed. :*)Pike,No. Come on. Watch this one. I love zombies and I just cannot get anough! :*)Naomi,I prefer the scary ones, although I did enjoy Shaun of the Dead. You should really check out the scary ones. :*)

  6. I have never seen this. But it looks really cool!I watched the 1950s version of The Blob last year with my kids. AHAHAHA They were really scared. It was quite funny! A green mass rolling around….

  7. No child, we don\’t watches movies like this. It ain\’t holy. I\’m usually way too scared and LB be trying to comfort me by putting his hand around me. I never will forget the time we did that in the movie theater, child, by the time we got done people were watching us, not the movie. You know I am a little freaky…for the right person of course.With Love,Mrs. Mabel

  8. I LOVE zombie movies!!!! They take up their own section in my DVD library, although I usually have to wait until the wee one is bed before I can actually watch one of them. I do like the new version of Dawn of the Dead much better than the old one. I think it\’s just the \”less cheese\” factor, and there aren\’t so many grainy dark parts. They really need to come out with a remastered edition for the vintage one. My favorite of all the \”Dead\” flicks is still Return of the Living Dead. 80s campy, but I love it. ^_^

  9. Don,What? Come on! They\’re good. They don\’t scare me but I enjoy them. :*)Darius,Branch out and try something new. :*)Chris,I never saw the 1950\’s version of The Blob, but I love the 1988version. :*)Mrs. Mabel,LOL. At least the horror movie gets you the action you want. ;*)Cora,I love them all! The old and the new. I think they have or are going to come out with remastered versions. Night of the Living Dead is my favorite. :*)

  10. I am going to check Day of the Dead just to watch Ving Rhames…I thought he was zombie souffle after Dawn of the Dead.I thought the remakes were great.28 days and 28 weeks later scared the mess out of me. So did Silent Hill and an old movie called The Changeling with George C. Scott. The Shining was scary too…the book was scarier. So was Salems Lot (the book).My daughter has been watching horror movies with me since she was like 6. Now she isnt scared of a darn thing…..

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