Today is the anniversary of the end of Miss Snark’s blog. I have been thinking about a tribute ever since she left her blog black. Writers (including me) all over the web were left feeling bereft and sad. And if you’re a writer and you don’t know who Miss Snark is, then shame on you. I am a very proud Snarkling who realized that her writing and publishing advice was/is invaluable.

Author Patricia Wood has posted a tribute to Miss Snark on her blog. Feel free to leave Miss Snark a message and let her know she’s appreciated. Also, go visit her blog and learn a great deal if you’ve never been or if you just need a refresher. We love you, Miss Snark, and miss you and Killer Yapp terribly. :*)


  1. Nice Tribute, Demon Hunter…I\’m with Stephen, I still see snarklings around the blog-o-sphere, in fact, I\’ve met new ones since, but it\’s not quite the same intact community base that there was on her blog.

  2. Stephen,That it did. I miss everyone. I don\’t get a chance to hit everyone\’s blog, but I\’ll try. :*)Merry,Thanks. No, it\’s not the same, unfortunately. Miss Snark,Wow! Is that really you! Okay, now I\’m all fan-girlish! Miss Snark visited my blog! How cool is that! :*)Bernita,I know, right? :*)Darius,No hype. Just good, solid information from a very informative source! ;*)

  3. Shame on me for not knowing who Miss Snark was.ShameShameDo I have to atone more?I sorry I missed her… she seems quite a gal… and Mrs Clooney too!

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