I’ve been tagged by VerbalVixen and here are the rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1.) When reading a really horrible book, I still like to finish it. I don’t know why, I just feel the need to finish it even though it’s terrible. There is one book in particular that I have been trying to finish for two years, and I’ve been trying my best to just give it up, but it seems that I will try to finish it anyway. :*/

2.) I collect pens. I suppose it’s because I always need one.

3.) I have to have lotion in my purse at all times. I don’t like it when my hands are dry.

4.) I am a staunch believer in personal space. No one needs to breath on me in order to talk to me. The most annoying people? The ones who come closer after you’ve already backed away because they’re too close. I guess I’m like this because I’ve been spat on way too many times.

5.) My clothes have to match—they just do.

6.) It’s difficult for me to talk to someone with “magic nose goblins” making an appearance every– single–time they breath. All I can think about is that booger flying on my face or my clothes, and it grosses me out to no end. It’s usually the folks who are violators of #4, (see above) which makes it even more likely that it will fly out of their nose and onto me. I can’t take it so I just usually tell them it’s there. Ewww!

Okay, those are 6 quirks of mine. I’m not tagging anyone because most folks I know have already participated. If you have some quirks you’d like to share, do so in the comments. :*)


  1. I have number 1 myself. I also like my personal space. Here in New Orleans the culture if very touchy/feeling and huggy and sometimes it drives me crazy. I grew up pretty isolated and am not used to having people just touch me without being invited to do so.

  2. it\’s funny you mention collecting pens. i too feel like i am collecting \’em. lol. whats even funnier is the fact that whenever i write something, i seem to have to have a brand new pen. my fav – pilot extra fine v5 rolling ball.boogers are just bad for business.

  3. Ha Ha! I love the magic nose goblins comment. That killed me! I used to have a close talker. He would actually come into my office, walk around my desk to stand right next to my chair and breathe on me as he talked. Would drive me crazy. Boogers gross me out, but worse is that long stray nose hair that hangs down. I\’m like seriously, pluck that thing, will ya?

  4. Blank paper makes me happy. I cannot count the number of blank books, pads of paper, steno pads, grocery list tablets or packs of 3×5 cards I have lying around the house! I love them. Something about that blankness calls to me. Then, when I write on a few pages, it has lost the shiny newness and the book gets stacked up someplace to collect dust.

  5. AW,LOL. Why thank you. :*)Charles,I grew up in the south, so I\’ve gotten used to touchy/feely people. I used to hate to hug people, but my little cousin cured that. :*)Don,I don\’t like the extra fine, it seems like they scratch the paper…lol. Usually I\’ll take any kind though. :*)Verbal Vixen,It doesn\’t usually take that long with a bad book. I\’ve set it aside that long. I continue to read other things, but can only stomach a chapter at a time of that awful book. That\’s why it\’s taking that long. :*)Eb,It most certainly has. Good to see you. Come back and visit. :*)Ello,I knew that you would appreciate the nose goblins!! :*) LOL. Nose hair is sooo gross.Written,LOL. Do you have a really large collection of paper? If you do, I know where to come to print out my mauscripts. ;*)

  6. LOL! Yes, after you back away, that would be a clear signal that you want personal space.A good friend of mine rubs me on the back before we part. Starts at the shoulder, goes down to the second roll of belly fat, then back up again. *shudders* I hate people touching my back fat. Never mind rubbing it. But I adore her…..

  7. I actually share just one quirk with you and that is Number 1. I just can\’t help myself, but finish the book, even if I let it rot somewhere for years. I always come back to read it. I have stupid quirks personally. Biting nails, winding my silver chain on my fingers and the likes. I like to bite my page holders (I am not sure what the word is for these carton rectangulars that mark where you are in a book.)

  8. Another contest for you to consider over at my place. Don\’t know if you\’ll get my book, but if you win you\’ll get books and one could be mine!

  9. Chris,LOL. Back fat. I don\’t do touchy feely. :*)Carleen,I missed that opportunity. :*(Harry,We all have quirks. :*)Karrie B.,You like that one, huh? ;*)Travel,That\’s exactly what I want to say! LOL. :*)Carleen,I hope I\’ll win yours, just to get it signed. If not, I\’ll be back in the bookstore anyway. ;*)

  10. Ha! I love collecting pens. I have tons and tons of them for no apparent earthly-good reason other than \”just because.\” Pens and notebooks. Doesn\’t make any sense!

  11. I\’m with you on the personal space.And I have no problem letting someone know when they\’re intruding.A quirk of my own?I don\’t like my food mixed on the plate. Don\’t want my meat swimming with the potatoes, or green beans mingling with carrots.And yeah, I know they all get mixed up in the end (excuse the pun, lol).Don\’t care. I want to experience the taste of each one individually. Segregate \’em.

  12. I sense from this thread that a lot of writers like office supplies…especially blank paper and writing implements.When I packed up to move from SF to Maine, I threw out a couple hundred pens (99% of them dried up) that I\’d managed to accumulate. Apparently, I am an unconscious pen-klepto!And Tyhitia, you can\’t print on my blank pages because most of them are bound in books! I don\’t go through much printer paper at all and buy that very infrequently and only as needed!

  13. Interesting…Thanks for sharing! Sorry I\’ve been AWOL, but I\’m still playing tour guide for my Canadian visitor. Things will be back to normal soon.

  14. Miladysa,Awww. Thanks. :*)Jewells,It\’s crazy. I don\’t even use all of those pens! Thanks for stopping by. Come by anytime. :*)Raine,You\’re right—it\’s all going to mingle anyway. :*)I\’ve heard a lot of people say that they don\’t want their food to mingle. I eat mine together. Doesn\’t bother me. ;*)Written,I use a great deal of printer paper but I don\’t have to buy any—I get mine for free. :*)Lana,No problem. I\’ve been offline for a few days too. Well, I\’ve been online, just not on Blogger. :*)

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