Okay Kiddies, if you don’t get the joke from my title, then you don’t go to church. YOU SINNER!! :*)

Anyway, I have not been writing as much as I promised myself I would. I don’t have writer’s block or anything of the sort. As a matter-of-fact, I have ideas almost daily. I know where I want my stories to go, but when I’m stressed (mostly from my job), I just cannot focus the way I should.

Usually I don’t allow stress to thwart my writing, but as of late, I have let stress get the better of me. It only lasted a few days though; my muse would not allow me to rest. She grabs a hold of my imagination and won’t let go. It does not matter if I’m at work, in the grocery store, asleep, etc. She is always there to ensure that I write no matter what. And I thank her for her tenaciousness!

I just finished the outline for the second book in my dark urban fantasy series. I am going to write a short story first, while I continue to research historical data for my novel.
How do you deal with stress? Does it ever affect your writing?


  1. Oh Yeah…Stress is a pain, at least for my writing. What is worse, for me, is that stress during a period of high output on the inspiration front gets my mind constipated. It is a foreboding of the dreaded Block.I sort of just have to relieve my brain, to get those ideas on paper (or rather, into the can), or the story will get stuck, unwritten. Usually I have to \”empty\” my brain within a week, or stress will lock up the whole process.How I deal with it? I write. Instead of sleeping, if I have to. If I run my head into that dreaded Block, I usually have to deal with it (and the stress) by going on some kind of retreat or at least take a day of fasting and meditation, or some such, to refocus. (That last paragraph might sound strange to some, but it works for me 🙂 )Word verification: \”Ftoifzt\” – the sound of an imploding brain, drained of creativity. I swear. I have heard it!

  2. Stress is a bad word. Don\’t ever let others steal your joy. Just look at them and picture them naked and I promise that will keep you laughing for a while!!! I am so proud of you and I know God has something great in store for \”my baby.\”

  3. Stress does halt my writing. It\’s hard to write when you\’re stressed out and worried about stuff. That\’s where that saying \”don\’t sweat the small stuff\” comes in handy. The only problem with that is that everything seems huge when you\’re stressing over it. LOL. Learning how to tunnel through and write no matter what is going on is a trait I\’d love to acquire…Gwyneth

  4. I understand well what you\’re going through. Things have been so hectic in my job, the stress level has increased to ridiculous levels. So when I get home, I\’m too tired, both mentally and physically, and I can\’t get myself to write anymore.How do I deal with stress? Hm… Does putting pins in a voodoo doll in the shape of my boss count? Nah… I didn\’t think so. *lol*

  5. Stress launched my writing. I was so kerfluffled by life I had to write it down in some fashion or risk a room with padded walls. Stress is my friend. Weird, yes?

  6. Tempest,Sounds like a winner for me! Although I do have a friend from another country and his mother specializes in those dolls! Heh!Kim,That makes sense as well. Stress made you find an outlet, and writing was it. Good for you!:*)Cora,I\’ve had to utilize that theory as well in some cases.

  7. I\’m the same as you – daily ideas and plots, but lots of job-related stress to keep me from the computer. Plus RSI – that really hampers my writing.For me, the best cure is a hot bath and good book.

  8. Stress sometimes locks me down and completely polarizes me so I CAN\’T write. I\’ve had to learn to shake it off and find another outlet to relax, though, so I can function around it. Good post!

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