Has anyone seen the new Chiller channel? I love it! I have been waiting for a horror network for the longest time. They show Alfred Hitchcock and Night Gallery (Twilight Zone’s dark twin). I have always loved those shows; especially Hitchcock, he’s my hero! :*) I am completely cheating on the Sci-fi Channel. Shh, don’t tell Sci-fi!
I think what draws me most to horror is the feeling it gives me in the pit of my stomach, or on the back of my neck. I have always loved to scare people, or on rare occasions to be frightened myself, but mostly the former.
As a writer, I plan to have the masses running away in sheer terror. I want them to cringe at my name; uh wait, Bush has that effect, so let me rephrase that. I want to make people look under their beds at night, and sleep with the lights on. I think as writers, we live our genres, we know them inside and out. We live and breathe what we love. Do you know why you write in the genre you do?


  1. Cool post, Tyhitia! I\’ll have to check out the Chiller channel. I haven\’t seen it yet. I know for a minute I was hooked on the Sci-Fi Channel. Those re-runs of Sliders and the movies they showed used to suck me in big time….Anyway, as for why I write the genre I write, I think I write romance because I really need to believe in the power of love. That sounds so corny… But it\’s true. It might have something to do with my parents spliting up–not gonna go all sappy and deep… But I write romance novels to show people working through the difficult spots and building relationships, to show that with communication and effort black love can be made real…Gwyneth

  2. I write urban fantasy filled with creatures that go bump in the night. I write about them because I was that little girl that slept with the light on after making sure the closet door was completely shut. I have always been drawn to yet scared of things that go bump in the night.

  3. Heather!! You don\’t have chiller??:*) I have Direct TV, and it\’s on 257. I really don\’t know who else offers it. I thought it was on basic cable but I heard that it was not, so folks may want to call their providers or go to the chiller tv website.

  4. I write to tell stories and then look at my completed work to see if I can make a difference in people\’s perceptions.BTW thanks for the kind comments on my blog!

  5. I can still remeber Mr. Barlow from Salem\’s Lot rising up from the kitchen floor. Cuts WAY back on my midnight fridge raids! LOL! And if the kids needs a drink they have to wait til sunrise.Saw your comment on Orion. I have three ASD daughters. Nice to meet you and thank you for your work…KIM

  6. Nice to meet you too, Kim. I appreciate the thanks; it\’s good to hear. I am certainly not in the human services field for the great pay. I love what I do! South Carolina state workers are some of the most underpaid folks. Not the \”higher-ups\” mind you, but the folks who do the real work! :*) Thanks again!

  7. I admit I love to read paranormal romance stories. I\’ve been eating …er… reading them since the early 90s. heh! How can\’t I not like those dark vampires, sexy werewolves, and dangerous incubbus? *wg*

  8. Urban fantasy for me, with the occasional forage into high fantasy and horror. I\’m a sucker for mythical monsters and magic, I suppose.And off-topic – you love AFI! I love AFI! Proof that we should be friends 🙂

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