Hello, Kiddies! Sorry I haven’t posted in over a week but I’ve been busy, you know, writing and stuff. Now, without further ado, I give you this week’s post:

I have finished my 1 millionth revision for my urban fantasy novel. Changes were made after an agent (I was referred to her by one of her star clients) requested that I add a prologue. Then I decided to add a mini sub plot as well because my initial polish landed me with 62,500 words, which is waaay to short for a fantasy novel, even though it is urban fantasy. My “final” manuscript is in around 80,613 words. She asked for a full after I made the changes. I told her during our 30-minute phone conversation that I would need a few months to add her changes as well as a few of mine, since she did mention that my manuscript was a bit on the short side (I called her because she wrote on my query to do so if I had any questions. She was not available when I called her, but she got back to me on a Sunday! How cool is that? Yay!)

I mailed the entire manuscript off last Tuesday, along with a copy of my original query letter to her, which contains her comments (front and back), a cover letter reminding her of everything, and my synopsis, which she edited as well. Whew! She received it on Thursday, which I know because I paid for a confirmation receipt. Now I will begin on the next book in the series as well as a short story.

Waiting for an agent’s response is a lonely process. Sure, you have your family, friends, and writer friends cheering you on, but at the end of the day, only your name may appear on that rejection; or possibly, you get a call. I hope that she calls me! Wish me luck, Kiddies!!


  1. Good luck, Tyhitia! I think you\’re gonna get the call. I have a good feeling about it. Plus, I really think it will be a great series. And I can\’t wait to get hooked on it as a reader. 🙂 This is so exciting! I\’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and I\’m all primed to do my happy dance when you get \”the call.\”Gwyneth

  2. Good luck! I\’m still working on the first draft of my first novel (the first one that I\’ll probably finish, anyway), then soon enough I\’ll be querying agents as well. I\’m looking forward to that part and not looking forward to it at the same time!

  3. Good luck with that. I left my agent this time last year and have been on the query-go-round since. Got three requested partials out there and have been waiting for months on two of them. The third I just mailed out last week.

  4. Written,Thanks for the cheers!Jackie, Thank you for the chocolate; I needed it! Hopefully she will call soon! I\’m trying not to be too nervous. I don\’t think it\’s working! I\’ll keep you guys posted!

  5. See if this helps the waiting process…you won SB over at the Midnight Hour! Send your address to irishdream at gmail.com, and I\’ll send you a copy. 🙂

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