Hello Kiddies! Remember when I told you guys about the agent I was referred to by one of her professional clients? And that she had it on an exclusive basis? Well, I received my rejection via snailmail last week! :*( I was kind of bummed at first but then I realized that this was one agent’s opinion.

I realized that she does not normally represent urban fantasy, so my series may not appeal to her senses. My series leans more towards horror fantasy. Most of my work leans towards horror in general, if it must be categorized. I am just a writer, I’ll allow everyone else to place my work in little heart-shaped boxes! :*)

Once, one of my favorite horror authors, Tananarive Due, sent me an e-mail asking me had I received my wallpaper of rejections. Of course my answer was ‘no.’ She mentioned that several rejections are par for the course and to expect many in this business. I only have a small handful of rejections thus far for my dark urban fantasy series, so I have already compiled my list of agents who represent what I write, and they are a grand group of agents. I have been looking over my query and synopsis to ensure once again that everything is correct. When my tinkering is done, I will then e-mail and snailmail said queries.

All writers experience rejection during the querying process, but do not allow it to dissuade you from your ultimate goal of publication. If you are good at what you do, someone will take notice; that is all! :*)


  1. That\’s right, Tyhitia. I\’ve heard the advice that for every rejection letter you get send ten more queries out. The rejection is–and really can only could be–that agent\’s opinion. What one person dislikes can be the very thing another person really loves. So examine your materials again if you must, but do send them right back out. Your series might not have been that agent\’s cup of tea but I truly believe that the right agent is out there waiting for your series so she can sell it to the right publisher. Keep the faith!Gwyneth

  2. Don\’t sweat it, there\’s a thousand agents out there just waiting to be queried.Speaking of \”heart-shaped boxes,\” Stephen King\’s son Joe Hill has a book by that name (\”Heart Shaped Box\”). I\’m about to go pick it up at the library. Can\’t wait to read it.

  3. Tempest,Rejections do suck. I usually ignore them, but this one was a shocker. Thanks for the hug; I needed it. I have many an agent to go, so we\’ll see what happens!:*)Gwen,I always keep the faith. I am also waiting on \”someone\” to call me so that we can go over some material. Ahem. ;*)Naomi,All writers should keep a positive attitude. It\’s just a matter of time before I hear some good news! :*)Rob,Thanks for the kind words. I had no idea that Joe wrote a book. When you\’re done, tell me what you think of it. I\’ll have to check it out!

  4. I met Tananarive at Maui two years ago. A wonderfully warm engaging speaker. Her husband was giving a workshop there also. The Maui retreat is small so we were able to really talk to a variety of authors. I just remember her kindness and that her talk was about perseverance and not giving up. It was at a point in my career when I needed to hear that!

  5. Pat,I wanted to go to that Maui conference. I remember her telling me about it. I told her that I was too \”financially challenged\” to make it.Sometimes we all get frustrated. I read your blog your inspiration and information, but mostly because I think you\’re a great person! :*)

  6. Thank you, Heather. :*) I truly believe it is worth it. I am working on my 2nd book as we speak, and the queries will go out for the 1st within 2 weeks. Wish me luck! :*)

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