My blog is usually dedicated to all things dark and scary (for the most part) but today I have a friend–Tatiana Caldwell–who has a new e-book out from Liquid Silver Books called SAY MY NAME. The description from her website is below:

There’s much more to the fable of Rumpelstiltskin than you’ve been told …

Due to her father’s constant bragging, word of Anna Miller’s beauty and virtue piques the interest of King Thomas. Upon taking the boasting of her father too literally, the king of Grimbros imprisons Anna and threatens to kill her and her father if she fails to spin straw into gold.

A mysterious and sensual magical being finds himself drawn to the castle–and the beautiful Anna. He offers his help in exchange for the most intimate, precious gifts she could possibly give. Soon Anna finds herself wanting far more from him than just his help. But he threatens to consume her and all that she holds dear.

Unless she says his name.

Tatiana is guest blogging today and she’s offering a free e-book copy of SAY MY NAME to one lucky commenter. See details in her guest blog.


Let’s face it – fairy tales are hot. If you took a look at some of the most popular tales of all time, such as The Dark Knight, Star Wars, E.T., Avatar, The Lord of the Rings, etc., you’d notice that in some way they are all grown-up fairy tales. Doesn’t matter what subgenre a story falls under; romance, fantasy, futuristic / sci-fi, paranormal or urban fantasy, so many of the stories that have made the biggest impressions hold the basic elements of a fairy tale.

Danger. Heroism. Mystery. Magic, myth or fictional science. A tale of a person a lot like you but nothing like you, living in a time or place you never have and never will. An interpersonal relationship is often at the heart of it and a triumphant, happy resolution is always at the end of it.

I’ve loved these kinds of stories since I was a little girl. Now that I’m a grown woman, I find that I still enjoy these kinds of stories, but long for them to divulge further into the relationships, to more fully explore the effects of the danger, magic and science on the mentalities and sexualities of the characters. Some may ask “but why romance”? And I can’t help but answer – “why not”? I can’t think of any adventure truly worth having without the love of something. Would Indiana Jones bother risking his life to hunt treasure if he didn’t love rare archeological finds? What’s the point of a super hero fighting to save the world if there’s no one in it that he cares about?

But not only is love a great motivation, it’s also an obstacle. I can’t think of many daring feats that leave you more vulnerable than opening yourself up emotionally to someone else.

These stories draw me because they provide an escape. We live in a world where the things we don’t fully comprehend often get disregarded as implausible. Tales with fantastical elements tend to allow us to more fully explore these concepts intellectually, emotionally, politically, interpersonally, without a biased need to be “right”. They provide worlds that are limited only by the author’s – and reader’s – creative imagination.

My first published book is a fantasy romance novella, titled SAY MY NAME, and it is a sensual, adult retelling of the fable Rumpelstiltskin (learn more about why I chose this particular fairy tale on my blog). Leave a comment here sharing a fairy tale that you’d love to see retold and why, for a chance to win a free copy of the SAY MY NAME eBook. All entries need to be in by 11:59 p.m. on August 31, 2010 (EST). A winner will be chosen on September 1, 2010. Good luck!

Thanks for stopping by, Tatiana! Okay guys, you have one week to enter Tatiana’s contest.


  1. Tatiana, this book sounds awesome!I loved \”Fractured Fairy Tales\” from Rocky and Bullwinkle when I was a kid. How about \”The Goose Girl\” for a weird fairy tale to retell? The Princess has a talking horse who gets killed, and his head put on a wall – and it still talks! Freaky stuff.

  2. I love fairy tales!Have often considered adapting a few to a more 'adult' pov.But I think I'd like to see some of the lesser-known stories done, or the ones you wouldn't think might make for good romance.Three Billy Goats Gruff? 😉

  3. Reading the description I am now hoping the ending of your version is changed from the original and is more of a HEA for both parties ;-)As for a retelling of a fairy tale:Bluebeard, that tale has always fascinated me.

  4. Just curious, have you read any of Anne Roquelaure's stuff? It's Anne Rice's pseudonym when writing porn-y stuff about Sleeping Beauty. LOL.

  5. I've always like the HEA fairy tale reprise. Your take on this one is definitely new. Sounds good.I have been toying with the revision of Iron John aka The Golden Ball, with the focus on Iron John, who only gets one mention in the story…but what a mention, because the iron bands breaking in his chest when the prince is saved implies so, so much!

  6. I remember in the 80s it seemed to me the retelling of fairy tales started to pick up steam. I've liked quite a few of those, as well as the movies made from those reinventions. HOpe the book does very well.

  7. Great ideas, everyone. I love hearing your ideas!@Sullivan: My story changes the original ending in such way that there is a happily ever after for more than just one party …@Zuly: I've only read Anne Rice, not any of her work under her other pseudonym, but I've heard of her Sleeping Beauty story.

  8. love twists in most things, tatiana… including the old dance ;)the brothers grimm had great tales before they were disneyfied… :(perhaps a naughty hansel und gretel? :O lol

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