I saw this quiz and just thought it was too cool to pass up, plus I don’t have anything to talk about this week. :*) Take a minute or two and tell me what are your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse!

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  1. I\’ve taken this quiz before and scored very high. I have guns and live in the country. I\’m a pretty good shot as well. My only problem is that I\’m getting old and slow.

  2. It\’s Cat \”C\”, your Mom. I have an 82% chance of survival. It\’s every man for himself. Run girl, run.

  3. Gwyneth,That\’s good enough. :*)Charles,It\’s a good thing you can shoot well. :*)Lana,LOL. It\’s a good thing you do. :*)Devon,LOL. You would do fine. :*)Miladysa,Yes, you do. ;*)Laughing Wolf,That\’s true…lol. :*)Cat \”C\”,LOL. Say it ain\’t so. How did you get such a high score? You mean you wouldn\’t come looking for me? That\’s cold, mom, that\’s cold. LOL. :*)Dejanae,That\’s the right attitude. LOL. :*)Ello,That\’s true. Just imagine the zombies as soccer moms with huge SUV\’s. ;*)Naomi,Trust me, when that adrenaline kicks in, you\’ll run faster than you ever thought you could. :*)

  4. I had a very low score a few months back. If I was featured in a movie I would die the first 40 minutes by my calculation if the movie is 90 minutes or something like that. You otherwise might make it, barely with amputated limbs.

  5. 36%! It\’s my stinking KIDS! Damn this maternal instinct! I\’m running all over town to save them and they are probably already little zombies. Take my ovaries, please.:)

  6. Dang your survey! It pretty much told me that I would die! I only have a 39% chance of survival! *laughs*Because I would certainly go to the preschool/daycare or whatever and go pick up my kids if they were not home, I don\’t own any weapons, never even fired a gun, etc. etc.

  7. Karrie,Take it. Are you scared? LOL. ;*)Laughing Wolf,I don\’t own any blades or guns, but hey, I live in the south. I\’m sure my neighbors do. ;*)AW,LOL. Mean, you? Nah, you\’re a sweetheart. :*)Harry,Come now. I\’m sure you can do better than that. :*)Kim,You\’ve got to look out for the kids. :*)Caspar,Cool. :*)T.,Take care of the kids, always. Oh, but you\’ll probably get it from a group of kindergarten zombies. ;*)

  8. Bernita,Great! :*) We must think alike. ;*)Catherine,Wow. Gulp is right. Just hide in one of those old bomb shelters or something. ;*)David,LOL. I\’m sure that made you feel better. :*)

  9. Darius,LOL. Wow, that\’s bad. Wait, how did my mom get the highest score so far? Now, that\’s scary!!! LOL. :*)TravelDiva,I went to get my loved ones on my quiz too, but I still got 69%. Hmmm. You weren\’t able to shoot them once they turned zombie, eh? ;*)

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