I’m so excited today. Tananarive Due’s novel, BLOOD COLONY is the third installment of her Blood series. Her first “blood” book, MY SOUL TO KEEP, was published in 1997, and the sequel, THE LIVING BLOOD, was published in 2001. This is truly some of the most eloquently written horror and she is such a nice person to boot! :*)

The books center around a group of Ethiopian immortals who have healing blood that can redeem or destroy humanity. The main characters, David (Dawit) Wolde and his wife, Jessica Wolde, have run the gamut of love, loss, and everything in between. BLOOD COLONY is the story of a teenage Fana Wolde, the daugther of David and Jessica, and the only immortal born with the blood. Fana left the confines of the immortals’ U.S. compound and is being sought after by a group of false priests who want to use her power for malicious reasons. The movie version of MY SOUL TO KEEP has been in production for quite sometime and I cannot wait for it to hit the big screen. I have been waiting for it for a really long time.

Ms. Due is also the author of several other novels: CASANEGRA (written with her husband, science fiction writer, Steve Barnes and actor Blair Underwood), JOPLIN’S GHOST, THE GOOD HOUSE (which she has sold a screenplay for), FREEDOM IN THE FAMILY: A MOTHER-DAUGHTER MEMOIR OF THE FIGHT FOR CIVIL RIGHTS (with her mother, Patricia Stephens Due), and THE BETWEEN.

If you’ve never read anything by Ms. Due, you really should because you just don’t comprehend what you’re missing! :*)


  1. Oh Snap! I didn\’t know. I read both of those books! Great times. Due is one of my favorite authors. My favorite is The Good House–I also liked the one about Scott Joplin\’s ghost. I\’m so getting this.Oh, and wonder of wonder, I\’m first!

  2. Oh, nice one! I hope one day to read some of her, but I am quite preoccupied, so I will do a mental note somewhere in the harddrive! 😉 On the horror front I will be reading some Lovecraft to learn the ropes how to add gothic horror tones to my own novel.

  3. Traveldiva,She\’s awesome. Her works are so prolific. :*)Charles,She\’s so wonderful. You have to experience these books for yourself. :*)Gwyneth,You know we\’ve talked about her great books. :*)Devon,Great! Let me know how you like them. :*)Darius,Yes, you should. You\’ll be pleased I\’m sure. :*)Harry,She writes literary horror. It\’s so good. :*)Bernita,Please do. You won\’t regret it. :*)

  4. I am going to have to pick up some of Due\’s work. You aren\’t the first person I\’ve seen talking so highly about it.Maybe it\’s time I jumped into that pool.

  5. Dejanae,Yes. Get it! :*)David,Well, it\’s true. She\’s awesome. :*)Ms. P.,I thought the drinking was taking a back seat? Get the book! ;*)Mrs. Ruthie Ann,LOL. I sent you my prayers and left a comment…lol. ;*) Kim,You\’ll enjoy it. I recommend reading the first two as well. :*)

  6. I just finished it yesterday. It was amazing! I hope she doesn\’t keep us waiting to long for the next installment. I have no words for how enthralled I was as I read the book and how I\’m still thinking about this story after I finished the book…

  7. Gwyneth,She said that she won\’t keep us waiting that long for the next installment. She promised that it will be soon, like in the next year or so. :*) I pick my copy up Friday. My bookstore had to order it. The nerve!

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