There have been a multitude of villains in the history of horror novels and movies. Some were obvious monsters, while others were not.

I used to love Freddy Krueger because he talked a lot of trash to his intended victims, which at times, was quite amusing. On the other hand, Jason Vorhees was creepy because he never uttered a word.

I like different villains for various reasons. The best villain is sometimes the least obvious evil-doer, (note picture above) which makes the story all the more satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, I love strong heroines/heroes, but if the villain is more interesting, my attention will be more focused on what they’re doing.

These are just a few of my favorite movie villains in no particular order:

1.) Angela Franklin (Night of the Demons)
2.) Pinhead (Hellraiser 1&2)
3.) Chucky (Child’s Play)
4.) Hannibal Lector (Silence of the Lambs & Hannibal)
5.) Mary Brady (Sleepwalkers)

Who are some of your favorite villains? From either books or movies?


  1. Night of the Demons was a great movie. Enjoyed it very much.As for my favorite villains,Hannibal for sure.Darth Vader was certainly memorable.The shark from Jaws.The Alien from the original moviethe first predator

  2. Favorite villians:Well Freddy Krueger was my ultimate nightmare as a teen. Something that could get you in your dreams… you couldn\’t run, couldn\’t call for help. He\’s got to be #1.1. Freddy2. Christopher Walken in The Prophecy. For a week I pictured him perched on my headboard everytime I closed my eyes.3. The Joker (both in the comics & Jack Nickolson)4. Hannibal Lector5. That freaky little girl in The Ring6. Marcus in Underworld Evolutions (who can forget the first time those wings spread open).7. It has nothing to do with fear but he always makes me laugh… Chucky!

  3. Great post. Some of my favorites in no particular order:1. Freddy2. Jason3. Billy Lumas and friend (Scream)4. Magneto (X-Men–humor)5. Voldermort (Harry Potter)6. The little girl in The Ring (terrifying)7. Saruman and The Eye (LOTR)8. Death in the Final Destination series (it was creative)

  4. Damn it! I started thinking and all I got was Poison Ivy from comic books, but well I think the little girl from The Ring. That is major creepiness! Hannibal is there, cause he is intelligent and human eating. Mhm, who else. Darn it I forgot.

  5. My favorite villains are sexy male ones, my favorite of these being-Pharoah Ramses from The Ten CommandmentsOther favorites include-Darth Vader (before the prequels were made)JawsThe MummyI don\’t read Horror or watch it at the movies, so that kind of limits me in comparison to you all.;)What can I say? I have a weak stomach.

  6. Charles,Night of the Demons is my favorite. I loved Roger…lol! :*)Liane,Christopher Walker as Gabriel in THE PROPHECY—yes! :*)Miladysa,I know you have more! :*)TravelDiva,Definitely Magneto and Death from FINAL DESTINATION. :*)1980,I love my Mr. Rogers pic!:*)Karrie B.,THE SHINING was excellent. Jack Nicholson was definintely creepy. :*)Harry,I know you have a long list! ;*)Kimber An,As far as the weak stomach—all horror does not involve blood and guts. The best horror creeps you out without any of that. :*)

  7. I have to agree. Psychological thrillers get to me more than the blood and guts. That\’s why that little girl in the ring was so damn freaky.I can get over the blood and guts but mess with my mind and I\’ll be up for days. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration but you get my point. After seeing The Ring I couldn\’t turn the lights off, sat in the middle of the bed and cried.If we\’re taking gross the Alien movies gross me out but I don\’t lose sleep over them.

  8. The old lady who stayed two house down from my grandmothers house. She would tell my grandmother pretty much everything we did and didnt do. some things usually ended up with a \”call child abuse hotline.\”Villian!Just trying to make you laugh. lol.

  9. Lana,I cracked up when I first got that pic. :*)Gwyneth,These are the villains we love to hate! :P“`Liane,Wow. That\’s the kind of scary I\’d like to emit. ;*)Miladysa,See, I do know you! ;*)Don, You are too crazy. I think we all know at least one old creepy person from childhood. :*)Harry,My list was too long as well. I just listed a few of more known ones. :*)

  10. Hans from Die Hard – Simply love Alan Rickman.Hannibal is so scary.But the scariest ever was that freaky girl from The Ring – seriously she gave me nightmares for weeks!!! Plus she was one evil wench!Oh and Mr. Rogers is definitely scary too!

  11. Mrs. Danvers, for one and Count Fosco from \”The Woman in White\” are personal faves.That creepy kid from the \”Ring\” movie – oh yeah.*shivers*But the guy who corners the market for eeeeeeeevil is \”The Judge\” from \”Blood Meridian.\” Lecter has nothing on that guy, IMO.DH: Off topic, but are you as bored with AI as I am? Looks like that 17-yr-old swet-faced boy, (David?) has it locked up, although I was routing for Michael Johns early on.

  12. I\’m down for the bad guy. I\’m also feelin\’ the whole concept of a sexy woman in power doing the villifying…ex. Mr. n Mrs. Smith…does that count? Or are you talkin really dirty?MsP

  13. Bernita,Good ones! :*)December,Definitely Darth Vader. :*)Ello,Hans from Die Hard was crazy. I saw it just the other night. It was probably the 50th time I\’ve seen it! :*)AW,You\’ll have to put your dog in another room and watch those scary movies! :*)Josephine,I think the 17-year-old has it. He can sing though. :*)Ms. P,Good one. You can pick any villain you\’d like! :*)

  14. DH: Even if the kid wasn\’t so cute, he\’s way more professional than the rest, even the one\’s who are pros. I do like that white boy with the dreadlocks, though – he\’s unique. That Amanda Obermyer is getting on my nerves in spite of what Simon says. I think it\’ll be her and Luc Mennard getting the heave-ho tonight. Not sure who else will go.Who do you think should go?

  15. Oh yeah, the anonymous dude driving the big truck in Spielberg\’s very first flick, \”Duel\” was a a great unseen villain – the truck itself was a precursor to the shark in \”Jaws.\”

  16. Michael Myers in the first Halloween. It\’s so freaky how you can see him hiding in the background while the music is playing. Terrifying.I also like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. He was scarier than Hannibal Lecter to me.John Doe from Se7en was pretty dang freaky, too.

  17. Actually, Mr. Rogers WAS kinda scary. LMAO!Alien. Nothing will EVER blow me away as much as that beastie bursting out of that belly!Hannibal–good one.Little girl from \”The Ring\”–definitely.Old film called \”Dead of Night\”–the ventriloquist\’s dummy. Yikes.Norman Bates. Out there!Good subject. I\’m notorious for loving good villains too, lol.

  18. Late to the party, but…1. Jason – no question, the undisputed god of slasher flicks.2. The girl from Ring.3. Jean Grey when she goes all Dark Phoenix in X-Men 3 – otherwise a poor film, but she saved it by blasting Cyclops to atoms.4. Jareth in Labyrinth5. Cobra Commander

  19. Josie, Good ones! :*)Thomas,Buffalo Bill was scary. That voice! Yikes! :*)Dejanae,Hannibal was sick! :*)Raine,You listed some good ones! :*)Naomi,You got it! :*)

  20. Love Pinhead. Can\’t really watch the movies though. Adore Hannibal Lecter – pre-that last movie where he ate the live brains. Fav is the killer in Silence of the Lambs. \”It rubs the lotion on its body or it gets the hose again.\” One of my all time fav movie lines. So much fun to recite to the kids after bathtime!MR. Barlow, from the 1970\’s Salem\’s Lot tormented my for decades!!! And Danny Glick floating dead outside the window. My grandmother let me watch that movie when I was in the 7th grade.

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