Luna Wilder (love that name!) is a smart, tough, police officer. She’s also a Insoli werewolf who travels without a pack and has to rely on instinct alone. And she’s just been assigned to find the ruthless killer behind a string of ritualistic murders-a killer with ties to an escaped demon found only in legend…until now.
This is the first book in Caitlin’s Nocturne City series. It is full of werewolves, black magicians, and witches.

Doesn’t all this sound wonderful?

I remember when Caitlin first snagged Rachel Vater as her agent, and I’ve watched her journey from query letter to published novel since August 2006. This is my interview with the author of Night Life:
1.) Demon Hunter: What first sparked your interest in writing?

Caitlin Kittredge: My mother was a librarian, and I was homeschooled, so I spent a lot of time reading fiction, especially fantasy fiction, and I decided at about age 13 that was what I wanted to do with my life. Storytelling always came naturally to me–I would make up elaborate roleplays for my friends and I when I was a kid, and they’d go on for days–so novel-writing was a natural extension of that early instinct.
2.) DH: Why do you write urban fantasy?
CK: I like fantastic fiction, but I also like stories that are grounded in reality, so urban fantasy was the niche for me. I think it’s fascinating to look down a dark alley or around a corner and see things that may or may not be real, or to read graffiti as an incantation to an old god, or to wonder what those iron bars on someone’s windows are REALLY keeping out.
3.) DH: Who are some of your writing influences?
CK: I’m very heavily influenced by noir fiction, from the school of Chandler and Hammet–bad people, mean streets, gorgeous dames, the hero who doesn’t know she’s a hero, to paraphrase Frank Miller. I’m also a big fan of Neil Gaiman, both his prose work and his /Sandman/ comics. He has a way of injecting both the sublimely fantastic and the terrifying unknown into everyday events that I really love.
4.) DH: How did you come to create Luna’s character?
CK: I wrote the sort of character that I wanted to read about, but wasn’t finding in urban fantasy at the time. I’ve always enjoyed reading about real women with real problems, and romances, and lives, and I endeavored to write Luna as someone very flawed, very relatable and real but ultimately with the smarts and strength to come out on top.
5.) DH: Why did you choose to write about werewolves?
CK: I love shapeshifters, their mythology and their history is really fascinating and full of great tidbits that I used in my worldbuilding. I’m also fascinated by the theme of duality, which you can really dig into with a shapeshifter character, and the line between human and monster, and how sometimes the worst monsters are the ones who don’t have a beast under their skin at all.
Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule for the interview, Caitlin! Night Life officially went on sale March 4, 2008, so if you haven’t bought it yet, go forth and purchase it! You won’t be disappointed! :*)


  1. Very enjoyable post and interesting interview.Always nice to meet the author :-DI shall keep my eyes open for the book! [as well as werewolves and other things ;-D]

  2. DH: Great interview. So interesting to see writers making a success by blending genres – a sleuth and a werewolf. I also find the whole concept of home schooling fascinating. Back in my day there was no such thing, but if I had kids now, that\’s the way I\’d go. I think overall that these home schooled kids have an edge over traditionally schooled kids cause they\’re focused on learning and reading, and not on being afraid or caught up in the vagaries of the social hierarchy.

  3. Great interview. I\’ve been hearing a lot of good things about this book. Although it\’s not what I typically read, I picked up a copy in the bookstore the other night and thought the opening was astoundingly well written. I still didn\’t buy it, because, like I say, it\’s not what I usually read, but that opening has stayed with me so it might well end up on my to be read list yet.

  4. Oh, Tyhitia. What a wonderful interview! I loved it and it was intriguing. You mix well. I have to hook up with a writer and get a interview done too. Hah! Oh I want that book. It will be read.

  5. Miladysa,It is always nice to see what authors think! :*)Josie,I love urban fantasy. I started writing it before I knew what it was. :*)Gwyneth,Yes. Buy it! Read it! :*)Charles,You should really read it. I never used to, but now I love it and have even written a dark urban fantasy. I wrote before I\’d even heard of the category. :*)Harry,Read it! :*) I was supposed to have done several interviews, but time didn\’t permit before. Expect to see more fairly soon! :*)Don,I like how urban fantasy blends reality with the fantastical. :*)Traveldiva,I love L.A. Banks too! :*) She\’s also a great person!

  6. Another cool interview. Thanks! I hope she researches her \”witches,\” too & doesn\’t paint them with the typical, erroneous, broad-brush that the mass media does.

  7. I will I promise, but it won\’t be soon of course if I don\’t get a free one, hahaha, because my TBR outtopped Everest and well I doubt I will ever read everything. But this one will be read.

  8. Thanks for posting the interview. I think I will enjoy this genre. I just read \”Dark Need\” by Lynn Viehl. It was my first vampire/urban fantasy novel. I really liked it!! I don\’t think I could read it all the time, but it\’s a great break from my usual stuff.:-)

  9. Well this is exciting. I love hearing a writer’s journey since I hope to be a successful one myself…This is a new genre for me, I guess I should test the waters…

  10. DH: Off topic, but Idol sure got interesting again.Chickezie was awesome and I loved the story about his Moms. David A. sure did stumble badly – definitely not a shoe-in anymore. Carly was great, Amanda was awful, but I think that blond chick who \”country-fied\” a Beatles song will be the one to go.Who do you think will go home tonight? Who do you think should go home tonight?

  11. Lana,I think she\’s done a great job with that! :*)Harry,My TBR pile is growing too, but I cannot help but add to it, and this is a must have for me! :*)Chris, I read everything! What do you normally read? I read mostly horror and variations thereof. But I also read non-fiction, commercial, literary, etc.Ms. P,What do you write? Have you completed anything yet? :*)Josie,I left a comment on your blog! :*)Ello,What genre do you write in? I never got to ask you before. :*)Karrie,Ms. Toni Morrison is a legend. :*)Raine,Thanks! Actually, Caitlin just turned 23. :*)

  12. Sounds very simple, yet there are people who have gone to all sorts of schools just to write a book…guess you either have it or you dont…

  13. I just read the book yesterday and now I see this interview. Cool! And, btw, I liked it. As I\’ve just read eight books in six days I won\’t comment further because I think my having read so many similar genre books scrambles my opinion-o-meter, lol. But I did enjoy the book.

  14. December,Caitlin is great! :*)Afro,That\’s true. :*)Harry,As long as you have one. That\’s all that matters.Written,Wow! Eight books in six days? Were you on vacation? LOL. :*)Bernita,That was a wonderful observation that Caitlin made. :*)

  15. I\’m psyched about this book, though I\’m biased: it\’s about werewolves and written by a local!BTW – High! Had to stop by and return the favor. Great interview and blog.

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