Warning!!! **Contains Spoilers**

I am a fan of the Resident Evil franchise. I loved the video game, and when I heard there would be a movie, I flipped. Now, we are experiencing the 3rd movie in said franchise. I was soooo excited to see it!

To my suprise, there were two characters from RE2 that I missed. The character Angie Ashford (young actress Sophie Vavasseur), Dr. Ashford’s daughter, and the character Jill Valentine (actress Sienna Guillory), the kick-a$$ cop who was awesome! There were, however, two characters who remained, L.J. (Mike Epps) and Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr). As usual, Milla Jovovich stealed the show. She is my favorite, of course!

I was hoping for more backstory on how the infection spread throughout the world. It was kind of boring in parts. I found that I did not like this 3rd installment as much as I thought I would.

I was rather disappointed with the movie overall, especially, the ending. I suppose it left room for a 4th movie. I really hope they don’t make another one. It left too many unanswered questions for me. Like, what happened when her friends left on the helicopter? Was Alaska really that safe? Did she meet up with them? Ugh, I was disappointed, which I hated, because I loved the other 2 movies. Ah well, check it out for yourself and see what I mean. They could have done a better job, IMHO!!


  1. I think there can be such a thing as sequel overload… Although I haven\’t seen this movie to be able to judge if this is the case here… But from your feedback it looks like it.Gwyneth

  2. Thanks for the input. I loved the first two movies– unusual, since I generally loathe horror– but I had the feeling that starting with a suddenly overrun Earth meant it was a really bad sequel.

  3. Gwyneth,Generally, I don\’t care for them but some sequels are a good thing; look at the Godfather.Naomi,I\’m still glad I went to see it for myself. You may still want to check it out. Milla Jovovich did an excellent job. The acting wasn\’t the problem, it was the writing.Written,I love horror! This was really horror, more sci-fi, with a splice of gore, not real horror. I had high hopes for it; probably too high. I didn\’t hate it, and it wasn\’t awful—just not as great as I thought it would be…Kimber An, You\’re not too wimpy. The scariest thing was the end of the world, so to speak…

  4. Aprilynne,Thanks for coming by. Stop lurking and leave comments! I\’ll be looking for another one with my next post… :*)Moonrat,No problem. I found your site through David\’s blog. I\’ll be stopping by again. :*)David,I didn\’t think you were ignoring moi. I figured you were going to see the movie. Just come back by and tell me what you think about it once you\’ve seen it! :*)

  5. Candy, a.k.a., Kim, would you also happen to be \”Not owning up\” on your blog as well? Was that you? Did you make up that song? Oh, I\’ll get you back! LOL! :*)

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