Hello Fright Fiends! (gotta love the Crypt Keeper) We all have favorite scary movies—well, most of us. They cause us to emit a range of emotions: fear, disbelief, anger, disgust, and in some cases, even laughter. I have several favorites, and I’m going to list a few—well, 30. They are in no discernable order:

1.) The Exorcist-1973
2.) Poltergeist-1982
3.) Night of the Demons-1988
4.) Children of the Corn-1984
5.) Tales From the Crypt-1972
6.) Night of the Living Dead-1968 and 1990
7.) Tales From the Crypt Presents Demon Knight-1995
8.) Creepshow I-1982
9.) Creepshow II-1987
10.) Silver Bullet-1985
11.) Evil Dead II-1987
12.) An American Werewolf in London-1981
13.) Halloween-1978
14.) A Nightmare on Elm Street-1984
15.) Carrie-1976
16.) Salem’s Lot-1979
17.) The Birds-1963
18.) Pumpkinhead-1989
19.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre-1974
20.) The Bad Seed-1956
21.) Sleepwalkers-1992
22.) The Blob-1988
23.) Phantoms-1998
24.) Psycho-1960
25.) Fright Night-1985
26.) The Lost Boys-1987
27.) The Fog-1980
28.) The People Under the Stairs-1991
29.) Interview With the Vampire-1994
30.) It-1990

Here is one of my favorite horror movie scenes. I love The Exorcist!


There you have it. My list goes on and on, but I was forced to narrow it to 30. I only named a few. There are classics and newer movies I like, but I could not name them all. So, what’s your favorite scary movie? You can name more than one, but please limit the number. Don’t go all crazy like I did.


  1. Gwyneth, Can you name any? :*)December,I still haven\’t seen it. I can\’t find it in the video store. Does it go under another name?Written,Army of Darkness was more comedy. Ash was hilarious. (Remember, \”Gimme some sugar, baby.\”) LOL. The Evil Dead 2 was better. Have you seen it?

  2. Dang it! December stole my #1 horror movie. But if this doesn\’t confirm its awesomeness, I don\’t know what does. You need to get The Changeling.Go here. It\’s less than $8. No shipping charge! You will not regret it.(dang, I should work for those people)For something newer, I liked High Tension. It\’s in French, but man…what\’s a crazya$$ movie.

  3. Friday 13th – pretty much all of them, except Jason X. That took it too far…I also love the Evil Dead series and some of the really old Vincent Price movies – House on Haunted Hill and The Abominable Doctor Phibes.

  4. OOOOOH, there are some good ones on there, for sure. Several of your picks would have made my list of favorites, as well:The ExorcistChildren of the Corn PoltergeistSilver BulletThe People Under the StairsThe Lost BoysSome others I would add:Pet SemataryThe StandBram Stoker\’s Dracula28 Days LaterThe Ring

  5. How do you DO it? I can\’t stand horror movies! I mean, I have \”Misery\” on my desk and I can\’t bear to watch it. I know, THIS makes me a super wimp, especially since it has THREE of my favorite actors.Really, I should get WITH it.Okay, so maybe you have a primer? What horror movies should a wimp like me start with?

  6. Yes, all the Evil Dead movies are hilarious. My favorite line: \”This is my BOOMSTICK!\” LOL. If you haven\’t seen Sean of the Dead, do so. Hilarious. Bound to be a cult classic.

  7. Thomas, Thanks for the link for the Changeling. On \’Supernatural\’ (my favorite show!) the other night, they featured Changelings on it. Scary. I loved \’High Tension\’ as well. It was nuts! :*)Naomi,I absolutely love Vincent Price!! :*)Heather, I had too many to name! See, I knew there was a reason I liked you. \’Prince of Darkness\’ and \’The Unholy\’ were on my list as well. :*)David, The others that you named were my favorites as well. Of course I love \’The Stand\’. Who doesn\’t? It\’s great! :*)Kanani,Since you are a wimp, start out with a kid\’s spooky movie, one of my favorites as well. Ray Bradbury\’s \’Something Wicked This Way Comes.\’ I love it!! :*)Written, I love the boomstick line too! And the one about she-bi!*h! LOL! Too funny! :*)

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