Casanegra is a new book written by one of my favorite, most prolific horror writers, Tananarive Due, her husband Steve Barnes, and phenomenal actor, Blair Underwood. Mrs. Due is an award-winning literary horror writer, who has several books under her belt: MY SOUL TO KEEP (my personal favorite), THE LIVING BLOOD, THE BETWEEN, THE GOOD HOUSE, JOPLIN’S GHOST, and non-fiction pieces, THE BLACK ROSE and FREEDOM IN THE FAMILY. Mrs. Due’s prose will keep you begging for more! Steve Barnes is one of the few African-American male science fiction writers, and his work speaks for itself. He is awesome! And finally, Blair Underwood, who is a well-known, well respected actor, whom we all know and love. Steve Barnes (left), Blair Underwood (center), and Tananarive Due (right, of course)!

According to various sources on the Internet, this is what the novel entails: Casanegra follows the adventures of Tennyson Hardwick, a gorgeous, sexy actor and former gigolo, living on the fringes of the good life in Hollywood. This story, which chronicles the redemption of a prodigal son, combines the glamour of Hollywood with the seedy hopelessness of the inner city.

In this hot and steamy mystery, Tennyson struggles to hang on to his acting career and redeem his sex-for-pay history, which estranged him from his family — especially his father, a decorated LAPD captain who raised Tennyson to call him “sir.” Now, in the wake of his father’s sudden stroke, Tennyson has to save himself from taking the fall for the first murder of a female rapper. In the process he discovers his hidden talents — the hard way.

I absolutely cannot wait to read this novel by these three very talented people. It comes out in July 2007, but you can pre-order it now! Happy reading!


  1. I got the e-mail that Tananarive Due sent out about this novel the other day. I can honestly say I can\’t wait to read this one. It looks like it is going to be a page-turner.Gwyneth

  2. Gwyneth,I received that same e-mail. I told Tananarive that I wanted to place a summarization of the novel on my blog.Wander,I am not a big fan of mystery either, but to have Mrs. Due and her husband, along with Blair, complete a work together; well, I\’ve just got to read it!

  3. thanks so much for this post. i had no idea that this book was out. i will tell one of my good brothaloves about it. he is looking for a good summer read. peace and keep sharing. ananda

  4. Ananda,You\’re so welcome! I\’ll will keep you guys posted about this book and others as they come out! Continue to visit. Thanks for reading! :*)Tempest,You\’re welcome. I\’m sure that this will be an awesome book! I cannot wait to read it! :*)

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