There are many horror movies that I really love, but I am going to only include 5 this month in my favorite horror movie moments “series”.

SLEEPWALKERS (1992) is an original screenplay penned by Stephen King.

The story is about the lives of Charles and Mary Brady, son and mother, respectively. They are sleepwalkers, nomadic creatures, that feed off the lifeforce of virgin women. O.o

Well, one girl in particular, Tanya Robertson, fights back, and does a number on Charles. And let’s just say that his mother Mary (heh!) isn’t too pleased with what’s been done to her poor son Charles.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet; what are you waiting for? It’s a classic! 🙂 I did put this exact scene on my blog a couple years ago for Halloween, but whatever, I’m doing it again! LOL.

And here’s one of my favorite parts of the movie. It’s morbidly funny to me:

Spoiler alert! The end is my absolute favorite part. Wow, I loved cats after this movie. 😀 Skip ahead to 7:00 minutes and watch till the end. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, rent it, buy it, or something. 😀


  1. I'm definitely going to check it out. It looks a tad more watchable than the demon one. (I'll get you back for that one. One day… You, too, Charles.)

  2. Mary,Mine too! :-DCharles,The son (Brian Krause) was on all 8seasons of Charmed and several other movies and shows. Robin,What? You don't want to see Night of the Deomons? Who made you watch that whole clip? LOL. 😉

  3. what a bs film! cars don't blow from a single shot, even to the gas tank, which these are not…she cut her forearm, deeply, on the side window glass, healing instantly? don't think so!it's all reversed, too, steering wheel on the wrong side, most obviously…even sfx are poor!waiting for the 'scare' factor that never showed…for me to enjoy it, it has to have a lot of 'reality' where things are supposed to be 'real'

  4. Laughing Wolf,Sleepwalkers are vampiric in nature, so that's probably why Stephen King went with the instant healing, since the majority of folks deal with vampires that way.And I just noticed the steering wheel. I don't remember seeing that before. LOL. I have to go and look at my copy to see if that's some type of error with the link or what. So do you prefer psychological horror? I love the atmospheric horror as well, like Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House.There are so many varieties of horror and there are some better than others.

  5. if it's well done, i'll take my horror straight up, regardless if it's psychological, atmospheric, or whatever ;)as for krause, he was always a wuss in my book, no reason to think he's changed on the big screen…

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