I thought of something important last night after my hubby and I couldn’t remember if we’d seen a certain movie or not. It wasn’t a good movie at all, and that’s why we couldn’t remember if we saw it or not until about five minutes in, when we turned it off in disgust.

Which made me think of longevity for authors, and, as equally important–memorability. What makes an author’s career last and what makes their work memorable–in a good way? This goes for all artists, not just authors. This goes for musicians, sculpters, painters, actors, etc. What makes them stand out and what makes people recognize them or their brand?

Of course my focus is on authors, since I’m a writer. What makes you remember a certain book and love it! What makes you remember it years down the road and still appreciate it? Please share in the comments.

Notice: I will continue to conduct interviews and giveaways as I see fit, but I will NO LONGER review books on any level. This blog started as a writing blog only, and now the requests for reviews has it leaning towards a review blog and that was never my intent. So, to keep it as my own personal writing blog, there will be no more book reviews. Thank you. I’m Tyhitia Green and I approve this message.


  1. I think authors are a lot like actors. If they keep landing the same types of roles repeatedly, then what's the point in seeing their latest movie? It'll feel like the same old same old. Authors have to keep trying new and different things to keep it fresh. This year, I'm throwing my hat into the YA and New Adult arena. Next year (if not this year), I'm dipping my toes into sci-fi. There's a story that's been mulling around in my head for weeks now, and eventually, it'll find its way out. 😉

  2. That was a very official sounding message. I'm impressed.I remember books that made me feel something – happy, sad or whatever. I just read \”The Graveyard Book\” and just loved it. It made me feel like a kid again, reading CS Lewis in the willow tree in the backyard. I was so happy with the book, I immediately ordered more Neil Gaiman books. The next one I read was boring! Boring characters, dull story. I bagged it a third of the way in.

  3. A book is memorable to me if it touches on something inside me, be it a strong emotion, a feeling of recognition, that kind of thing.I've noticed this is very personal and what is memorable to me might not be so for someone else. I get bored by lots of the great classics, while I love books that others think boring.

  4. I love certain passages from novels. That's what helps me remember them. As far as being memorable, writers are just like musicians. Your album could be the greatest thing ever but never get played cause Jay-Z is backing some half nekked girl who can't sing and then someone picks your album up in the used bin and discovers how great it is. That's the way it goes. Odie Hawkins has published 35novels and recieved an NAACP Image award but \”Odie Who? That's the way it goes.Jaycee

  5. Marcia,I agree. You want people to remember your name, not just a novel you wrote. Robin,Thanks. I try. :-DI love Neil Gaiman. Readers are all different. I guess that's why we're encouraged to write what we love and hope that our audience loves it as well.Sullivan,That's pretty much what happened with Robin and I concerning Neil Gaiman. I love all his stuff. Everyone likes different things. Good point. :-DJaycee,Wow. That is nuts. I didn't hear of Mr. Hawkins until I reached adulthood. Charles,We think alike. 😀 Good stuff.

  6. This is a great question! For a book to be memorable in my own life, I need to have some sort of emotional connection with it. (This applies mostly to fiction.) It has to make me feel something–and that \”something\” can't be boredom! Haha.

  7. well said, t! :)story does it… BUT it must have an ending satisfactory to me… i don't mean 'happy endings', just make them logical to the rest of the tale….wv: blesse

  8. I suppose an artist's career lasts as long as they can bring something interesting to the table–or if they can hook enough readers so strongly they'd follow them anywhere. Ask Tolkien. Or The Grateful Dead, lol.A book stays with me if it connects with me on some level; whether through a shared emotion, exceptionally drawn setting or characters, or even a masterful plot twist. Fool me. I love it.

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