Okay, by now everyone knows I love the television show SUPERNATURAL. And since it’s October and I’ll be thinking of all kinds of spooky things to post about this month, I decided to take this quiz. I was tired of quizzes until I saw this one. Feel free to take it and post your results in the comments. 😀 I’m my favorite character:


  1. I probably would have watched this show but when it started it was on opposite of a show that Lana always watched. Now I'm so far away from knowing what it's about I won't watch it until reruns someday.

  2. That is awesome Tyhitia!! Glad you're your favorite character, that always makes those things better – huh? Good to see you postin too! Can't wait for your next one:) Hope you're well.

  3. Charles,It reruns everyday on TNT. There are two episodes per day at 10 and 11 a.m. So you can DVR it.Kara,LOL. I guess it does. ;-)Robin,Yeah. It's been back on for about a month now. They agreed to a season 6. I'm hoping for more. But we'll see what happens. :-DCate,ROFL. I don't know. Bobby wouldn't be himself without the beard, that old cap and that mouth. LOL. :-DWritten,Rent them. It's worth it. :-DLana,Ruby? She was a demon that betrayed the brother's trust. LOL. But she had cool clothes. 😉

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