Some things never cease to amaze me. I just read this story about a man who is on the sex offender registry in South Carolina for doing this: OMG. Of course he should be on the sex offender registry list, but will there be a new one created just for people like him? You have to read it. I don’t even want to type what he did. Although the story is sick—I’m sorry, but I laughed. You have to read it. And please remember that this guy is mentally ill and it’s thought that he was off his medication for a while, according to other sources.

I can honestly say that as a former mental health counselor, none of my mentally ill clients ever did anything remotely close to this. I thank God that I function in my right mind. Visit a mental hospital sometime, you’ll agree.


  1. Laughing Wolf,Aww. Come on. LOL. ;-)Dejanae,I know, right? Isn't that sick? Same horse. Naomi,He is mentally ill, but I'm sorry, I've worked with folks who are mentally ill, and they would never do that. :-/

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