Hello everyone! No blog post about horror today. I must say that I am speechless. I am in awe. I am ecstatic that Barack Obama is going to be the 44th president of the United States of America! πŸ™‚ Yes. We. Did! Take a look at the first family:

Robert Kennedy said it best 40 years ago in 1968:

As an aside, I must mention that John McCain gave an eloquent speech, and when he mentioned President Obama’s name, the crowd booed. BUT, when President Obama mentioned Senator McCain’s name during his speech, the crowd cheered. That says something about the wonderful character of President Obama’s supporters. Yeah, it does…
Yolanda Adams can sing a victory song like no one else. Take a look at Yolanda Adams’ “Victory”


  1. Miladysa,I am sooo stoked. :-DCarleen,I loved your video too! :-)Charles,Obama even said that it was a long road ahead. We allo know that he\’s inheriting a mess, but he is a smart, amazing man. The best so far in my lifetime to inherit the White House. Regardless of what is to happen, nothing will kill what I\’m feeling right now. Our first Black president. :-DJC,Ain\’t that the truth? ;-)Written,Woot indeed! πŸ˜€

  2. The Kennedys were staunch supporters of all men of color. Why? Because the Irish were treated just as badly in Ireland by the British as the African American man in America…please read W.E.B Dubois \”Out of Africa, Out of Ireland\”. The parallels between the Irish and African are astounding, only, the Irish were enslaved in their own country and were later taken to the Caribbean as slaves.The Kennedys were MAJOR supporters of civil rights…another reason they were assassinated unfortunately.Bobby was a prophet.I hope there is a celebration in heaven right now. I truly believe Obama was sent to us from God. Everytime I see his face I think \”and a little child shall lead them\” Think of his innocence, his kindness, the loving spirit he possesses – \”unless you become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of God\”. This was no fluke, this was not luck. This was SUPPOSED to happen.And words cannot describe how happy I am right now.For my children – who are mixed race children and who, according to so many, would have a \”difficult life\” because of their heritage. This raises the expectations for all the naysayers.For our country – race may be an issue to some, but for those of us who believe in each other, race just means we are all running the race together with great endurance.This is the best I have felt in a long long time.God Bless Barack Obama.God Bless America.

  3. SO surreal. Who would have thought that the lines of fate can do sucha thing. Proves to show that people can alter reality by what they say. You know the Biblical power of speech. Nice one.

  4. I was honestly afraid I wouldn\’t live to see it. And when I heard the news that it was real, my thoughts went right to all the people, of all colors, who\’d done so much to bring us to this moment, and all who didn\’t live to see it.I have a vague memory of the race riots. Bobby Kennedy being killed. The moon landing. And always one war or another.I can\’t ever remember being so proud of my country.I hope he\’ll be given a chance. Love the idea that he\’s a bi-racial man for this country, and that one theme he\’s carried all along was the idea of a UNITED states.I\’m being realistic in my expectations. The country\’s in a mess. But I do dare to hope again.

  5. I stayed up until 3am because I wanted to make sure all the numbers were in. I didn\’t want anything to mess it up. I am so proud of my country right now. I am over joyed that so many people came out to vote in record numbers, that they chose change over the status quo, that they did not let themselves be blinded by color, and that they are looking forward and not back. This is only the beginning, and we still have a lot of work to do to fix the mess that is our government, but I have hope, and I dare to dream.

  6. Sorry I\’m just getting here to comment, but it is indeed an awesome moment to be an American.I was having the conversation with a friend a couple of weeks ago that this to us is what the March on Washington was to my parents and grandparents.I feel so blessed to be here to see such a wonderful milestone that my foreparents thought may never be possible.I don\’t even drink and this victory has got me ready to tap a keg, pop the cork on a 50 year old bottle of wine and a bottle of Cristal to raise a glass or even one of those red Solo cups to toast the President-Elect and his wonderful family.Awww hell, I think I\’m going to toast \’em anyway.*raises my cup of red Kool-Aid* To the first family!

  7. Sorry I took so long commenting Demon Hunter.I\’m not a Republican, I consider myself an Independant because I think both parties leave a lot to be desired, so I kind of go candidate by candidate when I\’m deciding. That being said, I didn\’t vote for Obama because there were a few political ideologies I just couldn\’t get past, but he is still MY President. And I am just as excited to see that we\’ve come so very far in our overall thinking.I\’m proud to be in a country that has finally started looking past race. I don\’t have to agree with all of the ideologies to see that he\’s a brilliant man. I\’m hoping things go well, politically, but more than that – we\’re making headway as a nation in the way we treat each other, and to me, that\’s way more important than whose policies win for the next term or two.

  8. Caspar,I\’m very familiar with Mr. Debois and his works, but I\’ve yet to read that one. Thanks for suggesting it. :-)Harry,Exactly. Words are spirits. ;-)Raine,I agree. My mom told me about all the rioting and the assassinations of Dr. King, JFK, and Robert Kennedy. I haven\’t felt this good about a president since I\’ve been alive. Granted, I\’m not that old, but still. :-DEllo,I ditto that remark. :-)Paris,This definitely feels like a dream to me. :-)Naomi,I think it\’s good news all around. I\’ve never seen other countries this interested in our election process. :-)Heff,I have Republican friends. πŸ™‚ I am hopeful because there is no way that it can be worse than Bush has made it. :-)Darius,I know, right? ;-)Smarty,I have only one grandmother alive, but I wish that both my grandfathers and my grandmother who passed away in 2006, could have seen this. :-)Torrence,If the red states (I live in one) do desire to return to MORE racism, then what? Do you think it will work in this day and age? It won\’t happen where I live. I promise. :-)Lana,I\’m happy. πŸ™‚ And hopeful. Merry, He is brilliant! πŸ™‚ He has an open-mind, and so do I. So, I agreed with the majority of his visions.

  9. OMG! I had no idea about the Robert Kennedy quote. Gave me chills.Love the family photo, and soooo soooo happy my children saw this day, experienced this day. Gives me hope.

  10. Eb, What insight, right? ;-)TravelDiva,Yes. We. Did! :-)Dejanae,Of course we have some miles to go, but I\’m too excited to worry right now. :-)LaughingWolf,Too historic and important for me to be cynical right now. ;-)Mlh,Glad you stopped by. ;-)Chris,It gives me hope as well. :-)Laughing Wolf,Sorry it took me so long. I\’ve been busy, but I\’m going to your blog right now. πŸ™‚

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