Anyone who knows me, is aware that I absolutely LOVE the Golden Girls. I watched them every week after the Cosby Show years ago when the show first aired, and I still watch the reruns till this day. I am even collecting all of the seasons on DVD.

The Golden Girls can still make you laugh with their timeless wit and humor. I have sat and watched all of the episodes for hours on end, holding my sides while I laughed and laughed. That show is a true classic.

Estelle Getty, a.k.a., Sophia Petrillo, was a star whose mouth made her one of my favorite characters ever on television. Her one-liners were hilarious. She will truly be missed.

Sophia Petrillo had her moments with various characters on the show, but one of the funniest and most memorable “Sophia” episodes for me was, “Yes, We Have No Havanas.” The episode involved a Cuban gentleman that Sophia and Blanche were both dating. When Blanche found out that Sophia was also seeing her beau, they agreed to share him. Watch the very funny clip below:

Estelle Getty, a.k.a., Sophia Petrillo, thank you for
being a friend. You were truly a Platinum Golden Girl. 🙂


  1. Heff,Yes, they were. :-)Charles,She was hilarious. She and Dorothy were my favorites, but I love all four of them for different reasons. It was a really great show. :-)Darius,Collect them! :-)T., Exactly. :-)Jewells,I know she will. 🙂

  2. I didn't get into the Golden Girls until it had gone into syndication, at which point I was an immediate fan. I still watch it late nights when I can. Estelle was a talented woman & will surely be missed.

  3. Definitely a sad moment. Even before I started working in a retirement community I watched and loved GG. My wife and I would often stay up and catch the re-runs on Lifetime for kicks. She was a spicey one!

  4. I loved her on that show… I liked them all, but that character was awesome, and Estelle played her beautifully.Thanks for the tribute, I hadn\’t seen that episode in a long time! I loved the one where she stole the Pope\’s ring, though…

  5. Lana,I\’m collecting the seasons. I already have Season I. :-)Pike,Spicey indeed! :-)Smarty,I loved them all. But Sophia and Dorothy made it worthwhile. :-)Miladysa,Me too. :-)AW,Me too. You\’re welcome. :-)Written,Yes, she was. :-)Merry,I shared this one because it was just one of my favorite \”Sophia\” moments. 🙂

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