Hi guys. Sorry I didn’t post last week, but I have been ridiculously busy. I’ll explain later πŸ˜‰ Anyhoo, on to this week’s topic.

Have you or anyone you know, ever experience a supernatural occurrence? Even if you haven’t or don’t know of anyone who has, please weigh in on this topic anyway. I’d like to know what you guys think about it? Are you a skeptic or believer? Somewhere in between?

I am a mega fan of the awesome TV series, Supernatural. Sam and Dean are made of awesomeness. Especially, Dean. πŸ™‚

I’m just waiting for the producers or directors to realize that I’d like to write an episode of Supernatural. :-/ LOL.

So, what have you guys experienced? Please share your supernatural occurrences with us!


  1. i believe in the possibilities… i get visitations from deceased relatives, most often mom, now dead 15 years 😦 …so far they have not said/done anything i understand, other than seeing the world around me thru my eyes…g\’luck with your teleplays… write em out, if nothing else you can only improve πŸ™‚

  2. I\’ve had some weird experiences but I tend to be skeptical of the supernatural or extra-natural explanations because when I\’ve investigated my own experiences I\’ve generally found a simpler explanation. At least twice I saw UFOs, but an investigation showed that they were normal natural phenomena.

  3. i just feel their presence, charles, looking out through my eyes… i don\’t \’see\’ any of them, but know what they all \’felt\’ like when in their presence while alivei say \’hi\’ and \’welcome\’, and they leave, eventually, no fuss/muss

  4. I have had a lot of stuff happen. In fact, I\’m alive because of a supernatural occurrence: My mother was awakened by her grandfather when I was strangling on my blanket in my crib. He died when my mother was five. He actually shook her awake (or that\’s how she recalls it) and told her to check her daughter. Also, I have a ghost in my house, I knew in advance twice when someone was calling me to tell me of a death, and I have occasionally seen auras and heard people\’s thoughts before they spoke. Usually the latter was my mother when I was a kid.writtenwyrdd

  5. I\’m just waiting for the producers or directors to realize that I\’d like to write an episode of Supernatural.Love the attitude, lol. :)Have had a few, I think…the first that comes to mind is seeing what seemed to be a \”ghost\” come out of my grandmother\’s back room. Twice. I saw a shadow, felt the cold, but when I looked directly at the entrance it seemed to blend in with the other shadows (Grandma wasn\’t big on wasting electricity, lol).

  6. Laughing Wolf,Wow. I dreamed of a classmate dying and she really died 5 months later. We had only graduated from high school a year earlier. We weren\’t even close friends, but I dreamt that death was chasing her for about five minutes, and then five months later she died of some rare blood disease that no one knew she had. **cue spooky music**You\’re welcome. Hope you love the book! :-)Charles,I think anyone can become a believer when there is no denying the facts. :-)Written,Whoa. That is phenomenal. I\’ve heard of things like that. Glad you\’re still with us. :-)Raine, Thanks. πŸ˜€ I always hear about spirits of whatever folks want to call them. :-)Darius,Cool. Were you afraid? Or were you at peace with her visit? πŸ™‚

  7. I\’ve had lots of things that tell me there\’s a connection beyond what can be proved by science. For example, a few years after I graduated from college, I had a dream in which I saw my college boyfriend w/whom I was no longer in touch. The next day he was on my mind. The following day I felt like his presence was literally in the air around me. That evening on my way home, I saw myself opening my mailbox and finding a letter from him. When I got home and opened my mail, there it was.

  8. I know this may sound crazy but I\’m going to say it anyway. When I was younger this woman in chains used to always find me. I remember being scared of her. She was only around when I lived in Germany, so maybe it was a German woman who was trying to tell me something. I guess she gave up after too much time had passed.My grandma came to me in my sleep one night to tell me to take care of my brother and tell me that she loved us. I was a grown woman when this happened. I didn\’t understand until I talked to my mother the next day and found out that she had passed that night. She had also visited my uncle. I hope the producers let you write an episode and even more. =) I do believe in the supernatural. I have other things that happen.

  9. I sooo need to check out this show Supernatural! So much to see/do/watch/read, so little time! I am a believer.The first time I recall being aware of a ghost or spirit, I was about 8 years old, playing hide and seek in the house with my brother. I was seeking my brother, but instead found a tall, bald and pale man sitting next to our Christmas Tree. When I blinked, he was gone.That wasn\’t the last experience I\’ve had, either. Too much to list here. I know others who have had experiences as well.I very much believe in the supernatural. I too have predicted deaths, accidents and visits. I\’ve started to do a little bit of tarot reading which is almost frighteningly accurate.Anyways, I love this kind of stuff.

  10. Oooh,I just did a recent post on this. I hate when my skin crawls. But haven\’t seen this show. And laughingwolf really makes my hair stand when he talks about his experiences! I am definitely a believer!

  11. Very eerie, Laughing Wolf. Lana,What changed your mind? I\’ll have to check out your journal. ;-)Carleen,Wow. Exactly what I mean. I have some creepier stories, but I\’ll save those for when I\’m a published author, so that I\’ll have something cool to talk about. :-DJewells, Doesn\’t sound strange to me. I\’ve experience a lot of weird things. T.,You definitely need to watch Supernatural. Awesome show. Dean makes the show. Although Sam has his good moments as well. :-)Ello, I read your post today along with the other one. I believe as well. I\’ve seen too much not to.:-)

  12. I didn\’t read the whole post because I haven\’t seen the movie yet. But now I may check it out. I liked the Sixth Sense and Signs. The Village was kind of a letdown for me.

  13. My son Bryan (the bassist) is definitely, without a doubt, extrasensory. We have a ghost in our house. It peaks out from behind a wall that separates the living room from the kitchen. He is not afraid of it, neither am I and I guess since I have seen it my son must get something from me.My Aunt Floretta dies last March 2007 after a painful bought with cancer. She was a beautiful soul, an ex nun who left the convent after Vatican II with My Aunt Kathy (they were best friends so I called Floretta my Aunt as well). She brought my son Bryan home from the hospital…he was so tiny…only 5lbs 10oz. I was afraid to bathe him so Aunt Floretta did. She loved Bryan. He was like her son also. When she was dying, she called out for him. SHe was at peace in her final moments. ANyway, that summer, my son was sleeping on the sun porch in Aunt Kathys house. In the middle of the night he heard slippers on the floor and he thought Aunt Kathy came to put a blanket on him because he felt warmth…like a blanket was put on him and someone touched his head. Right before dawn he went out to the Living Room where my Aunt was meditating and asked her if she had taken the blanket away because it was gone. She said she never went into the sun porch in the middle of the night. My son just happened to be in the same spot where my Aunt Floretta passed away. Ever since then, AUnt Kathy has wanted to take him to be tested, but I said NO. So, yes, I believe in the supernatural.I have my suspicions about who the ghost is in my house…but I will tell that story on my blog.Sorry about the lengthy comment )

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