Barbara Walters had a special air a few nights ago concerning aging. She asked the question, “Could You Live To Be 150?” I actually pondered that. I’m not sure I’d want to live that long. I questioned the quality of life, my health, and my overall mental health.

Yes, she mentioned that organs were being grown and that scientists had found wonderful anti-aging components in red wine. Okay, that takes care of the inside, but what about the outside?

Can you imagine what you would look like at 150 with the same exact body? I’m not sure if I would want to know or not. Would the skin remain intact? Or would your body start to deteriorate? I’m not sure how I feel about the entire ordeal. When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go—no matter how much you fight it, IMHO.

What do you think?

I think Queen said it best—“Who Wants to Live Forever?” Watch the video below. God, I miss Freddy Mercury…


  1. I don\’t think I want to live forever. Just something about the thought of being old and unattended to, that turns me off.If I could be young forever, then my answer would be yes. Definitely.The song Another One Bites The Dust is like one of my all-time favorite songs. Period.

  2. It is all down to the practicalities as you point out. I am not looking forward to dying and plan on fighting it for as long as I can.Life is like one big lesson though, we keep on learning as we age. When I was in my twenties and thirties apart from my parents and grandparents I knew very few people who had died. Now, in my forties I know an awful lot more. I can\’t imagine how it will feel in my eighties when about 90% of the people I have known are on the other side lolGetting older is hard… I still feel 16 inside and yet it is not reflected on the outside. I am concentrating on growing old as gracefully as I can, trying to set an example for my daughters and grandaughters so that they do not buy into the surgery craze.It appalls me when I see women who were as old as I am today when I was a child and they have been so nipped and tucked they look like aliens. There is no point in living forever if you can\’t live with yourself.

  3. It\’s all about the physical and mental health. If I\’m healthy, sure I want to live. But if I\’m so aged I\’m losing my mobility or my intellect I would struggle.

  4. I pretty much died laughing at seeing that first picture… evil I know but seriously!Nah I\’m good at 70 more than good, less will be fine too!

  5. The thought of living forever freaks me out, mostly because it\’s so hard to comprehend. I think it\’s really one of the scariest things to me.Think of all the friends and family you\’d lose. Think how there would be no end, it just keeps going. Then you want to die, and can\’t. Scary.And I agree with Don above, \”Another One Bits the Dust\” is a great tune.

  6. I wouldn\’t want to live forever. I mean, my family would all be dead and then I would just be old bothering my great great great great grandkids.

  7. Don,I love Queen-period. Another One Bites the Dust is a favorite, but so is the one in my post.Miladysa,Well said. Great last line! ;*)Charles,Mental and physical decline is devastating.Q,That pic is crazy. It\’s from Poltergeist II. :*)Dejanae,I don\’t really think they\’ve acknowledged the quality of life at 150. Ewww.Rob,I mean living the proposed 150 years that Barbara Walters stated. It\’s not forever, but it may be too long. :*)Travel,LOL. 150 years is just too long. Everyone would be freaked out. :*)

  8. Living forever – works for me! I\’m almost 60 and still feel like a kid sometimes. Wait until you get older. You\’ll be amazed at how young 85 or even 100 seems.

  9. @ demon hunter: I also like the song We Are The Champions. My high school basketball coach made us practice to it, right before the championship game we once played. lol.

  10. I don\’t want to die. Ever. I love life too much. It is a shame I don\’t really have a choice, though.I would like to think that if science could figure out how to make us live longer, having our bodies die slower would also have to come along with that development, and thus being 150 would be a lot like being 80, or something like that.

  11. Quality of life deteriorates drastically the longer you live, typically. Who cares about organs & red wine–I ain\’t wearing Depends for 70 years.(That song by Queen always makes my friend & I cry…)

  12. I preferebly want to live for 300 years and I have all the noble reasons behind that one too. I mean I have to write all the books I want. Yeah and well I wanna remain with smoking hot 25 year old body, not that I am 25 now, only 18, but still. I used to watch the show with the freaky little gnome. Hah!

  13. AW,Thanks for sharing that perspective! :*)Don,If I had to pick a favorite Queen song, \”We Are the Champions\” would have to be it! :*)Verbal Vixen,I love life too, but I\’m thinking about the consequences of scientists playing God. Plus, I wouldn\’t want to remain if my family and friends chose not to use the technology—not sure if I\’d want to even if they decided to use it. As with everything, some people would chose to use it for various reasons, or others will not, sometimes for those same reasons. Anyway, thanks for weighing in, and come back anytime! :*)Lana,ROFLMAO!!! Too funny. That song makes me cry too. ;*)Carleen,That\’s definitely scary!! Yikes! LOL. :*)Harry,That\’s a lot of books! :*)

  14. Hell no, put me out of my misery at like 70, 75. I’m serious. Reminds me of that movie “death becomes her” w bruce willis and goldie

  15. LOVE that song.It\’s not the living forever bit that bothers me, it\’s the being old forever bit. Let\’s face it, our bodies start to crap out on us eventually. What\’s the point in being 150 if you\’re bedbound, senile and incontinent?

  16. DH: I look at Jack LaLaine (sp?) – and say – that\’s how I want to be when I\’m that age! And then look at John McCain\’s mother – she\’s sharp minded, (and apparently sharp tongued) at 95. Who knows what advances medical science will come up with?

  17. Oh, this is very interesting!!I just finished (yesterday) reading a children\’s middle-grade book called \”Tuck Everlasting.\” It is about the same theme–would you want to live forever? It\’s a sad book. My answer would be no. I think.

  18. Ello,Nice… ;*)Ms. P.,I want to go past 70 or 75—just not to 150 or forever…lol. :*)Naomi,Exactly. Science can do but so much! LOL. :*)Josephine,I understand your point, but the people you\’ve mentioned have lived to those ages naturally—there\’s nothing wrong with that. I\’m saying I don\’t want to live that long if science enhances it. If it\’s natural, I don\’t have a problem with it. :*)Chris,I always meant to read that book. Thanks for reminding me. :*)

  19. I think I\’ll pass, lol.There\’d have to be such a thing as \”quality of life\” involved–not just the occasional organ replacement.If I could be healthy, productive, and still have something to contribute–sign me up.Otherwise, I\’m outta here. 😉

  20. I\’d live a long life if I felt youthful. Don\’t care what I look like, just that I feel okay. Having had a crappy back since 28, I wouldn\’t want to spend forever hurting like this. In fact, if there was a magic pill that would actually shorten my life but make me feel fantastic, I\’d take the thing!

  21. Thomas,Wasn\’t he spooky, though? :*)Raine,Thanks for chiming in! :*)Karrie,Forever is too long, and I think that 150 is too long as well. :*)Don, Exactly!:*)Written,I hear ya. I know lots of people with bad backs and they may agree with you. :*)December,That\’s because you love vampires too! ;*)

  22. Would I say yes if someone asked to make me a vampire? Probably, but only if I could lose a ton of weight first and grow out my hair! But you know, I think I\’m bitchy enough without adding fangs and a need to feed. It would be deeply regretted by all parties, lol. Especially once I hit my stride.

  23. And yes, I recognize the fundamental contradiction from not caring what I look like to insisting on losing weight first. But it\’s the vampire cachet that demands one look good, yannow? I\’m not a fashionista, but a fat, middle-aged looking vampire would be so SAD.

  24. Written,ROFLMAO!! The good news is that when you become a vampire, usually your hair growns out all pretty-like, and your weight wanes because all you do is drink blood. Sounds good? :*) An overweight vampire would be quite cool, actually. ;*)

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