In honor of American Idol’s Season 7 premiere tonight, I just couldn’t help but share this little gem that was e-mailed to me sometime last year. I’m not endorsing any reality show, whatsoever. I only watch Idol during the first few weeks so that I can laugh at all the awful singers who audition and get upset even though they suck.

This clip is from the Malaysian Idol (yes, several countries have them now!). This guy is trying his hand at BILLIE JEAN. Talk about scary! He looks scary and sounds scary. Come to think of it, he actually looks like one of the zombies from Michael Jackson’s video, THRILLER. Most likely he just couldn’t get any work after the video and just decided to audition for Idol. LOL. Enjoy!


  1. I just can\’t watch it. I\’m afraid. I\’m sure the guy did his best, but \’Billie Jean\’ and Michael Jackson are not my favorite topics.I don\’t watch American Idol at all, in fact. The only reality shows I\’ve watched were \’Design Star\’ from the Home & Garden Channel and TLC\’s \’What Not to Wear.\’

  2. Wanderer,Everyone thinks they can sing and perform like Michael, and it ain\’t gonna happen! :*)Lana,Exactly! That\’s all I watch! :*)Kimber An, You should at least try to watch the auditions. You\’ll laugh! :*)Gwyneth,You feel just like I do! :*)

  3. These hilarious awful auditions are the only part of these shows I like! Once all the freaks and weirdos have been weeded out, I don\’t bother watching.

  4. Speaking of Idol, did you watch it last night?Holy Cow there were some dogs on that show. This one guy wrote a song all about stalking Paula Abdul. He was creepy, too. I hope she hires some extra security for a little while…

  5. Anti-wife,I think those folks either wanna be on TV, or they really think that they can sing. :*)Charles,You\’re right! But boy do I get a kick out laughing at the awful singers! :*)Don,I thought it was hilarious. It was one of the worst, if not, the worst one I\’ve seen. :*)Naomi, I feel the same way. It looses its edge after the auditions. :*)David,Yes, that guy was straight from the psych ward. Very creepy. He probably has women in his basement as we speak! :*X

  6. Eek! The world needs only 1 Michael Jackson. *_* I have to admit I don\’t watch American Idol. I\’ve seen highlights of it on the news in the mornings, but even watching the smallest clip and I start to cringe. I think it\’s exactly like Lana said: \”So much humiliation, so little time.\” Yep. That pretty much sums it up. LOL!

  7. DH, I was hoping someone would talk \”Idol\” – I was afraid I was the only one around here watching.I LMFAO the first night, literally curled on the floor in a fetal position, crying and gasping for air since I laughed so hard.The second night wasn\’t as funny, but I am enjoying the backstory parts, and that they\’re showing more dramatic 2-1, it-could-have gone-either-way-votes, as opposed to the obvious yes or no singers.I\’m afraid I\’m on dial up and could not watch that video. 😦

  8. Miladysa,They have no idea at all! :*)Cora,Nobody should ever try to imitate Michael. Sorry, they just shouldn\’t! :*)Josephine,You are not alone! I laughed and laughed the first night as well. I am sure there are more laughs to come! :*)

  9. Demon, to answer the question you left on my blog: Well I finished a fantastic writing advice book and will post a positive review – does that count?When I find a book I can finish, I will post a review. Thought for sure the Ishiguro would be the one I was able to finish, but alas, I stopped reading it last night. I\’m off to the library right now! Hope floats!AI: Oh yes, more laughs and big dramas, especially during the rehersals when they team up in groups of three. Did you think there were a couple of moments already where Paula seemed a bit, er, woozy?

  10. I did not need that in my head.OMG! Scary funny. Will watch again after a glass of wine….:-)(I want to link you, but I need to feel an appropriate sobriquette for you. It can\’t be \’Billie Jean.\’ Can\’t be. So I\’ll wait a couple of more days and see what hits me.)

  11. I don\’t know why I love American Idol, but I really do. I don\’t vote, but I watch every show.Since I live on the Canadian border, I can pick up Canadian Idol, and find it has a lot better behaved try outs. To be fair to those crazies on the try out portion of the show, they have already gone through one screening and were passed on to the Big Three\’s mercies; so who knows how their egos have been fluffed by that?

  12. Josephine,Great. Share the reviews. I look forward to reading them! :*)Ello,Painful and funny indeed! :*)Church Lady,Should I be worried? LOL! :*)Written,I just love the funny auditions— the good ones are okay too! :*)Holly,I don\’t know why they put themselves through that! :*)

  13. Miladysa,I didn\’t know who \”The Master\” was! LOL! :*)Thomas,Yeah, it was awful.Moon, I didn\’t know that! I feel so honored! Cool! :*)Josephine,Thank you so much!! :*)

  14. I think that somewhere between laughing my lungs out and popping my eyes out from laughing I think I will be having nightmares seeing him do that. That was both funny and scary. Wonderful video. I like to do the very same with my country\’s version of Music Idol and well I laugh my ass off every time.

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