In this post, I’ll refer to my title both metaphorically and literally. I’ll start off with the former. A few months ago, I donated some clothes to a local organization that collects clothing for the poor and underprivileged. They do not charge one red cent, which is what I like about them. It’s not located in the best neighborhood, and you have to park in an alley to get there. As I was taking the clothes out of my car (on my lunch break), I noticed two highly inebriated gentleman walking towards me. Of course I thought that I was going to be robbed, but instead, they both said, practically in unison, “Ma’am, do you need some help with those bags?” At that point, I felt like a huge pile of turds. “Why yes, yes, of course,” I said. They helped me take all of the clothes I donated into the building, and they did not ask me for anything. I graciously thanked them before they went on their way. NEVER judge a book by its cover.

Now to the literal. I only read romance novels in middle school. I picked it back up a few years ago. I frowned when my best friend introduced me to paranormal romance. She insisted that I read DARK PRINCE by Cristine Feehan, and MINE TO TAKE by Dara Joy. I absolutely love both books and went on to read the series provided by both authors. I judged those books before I read them, and it was a mistake on my part. Both of those books remain favorites of mine. People judge what I write without having ever read a page. What? You write horror? Do you believe in God? Why would you write that? That’s horrible! Uh, yeah. Well, my best ideas come from the evening news—ahem. Just because a writer specializes in a particular genre, it says nothing of their character. I often hear that romance writers are desperate, horny women (which I DO NOT agree with, by the way). Well, they make up about half the market, so someone really loves what they write. I, being one of those fans! Romance writers pen stories that speak to the heart. What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with writing about monsters? The supernatural and the human kind? What’s wrong with writing in any genre? Absolutely, nothing. Some people need to get their panties out of a bunch, or just buy a thong! ;*) Keep writing, keep reading, in any genre you will! I love it all, dear writers! :*)


  1. Hehehe! That reminds me of the reaction I get when people find out I write erotic romance. They think I\’m either a nympho or a dominatrix. I mean, they ask me the weirdest questions like, \”Do you wear leather corsets when at home?\” or \”Have you really done it with two men like your heroine?\”

  2. Ah…you crack me up. \”I felt like a huge pile of turds.\” I swear, I really try to act all grown up and ABOVE humor like that, but it just isn\’t happening.Thanks for the laugh!And I\’m with you on people judging me like the cover of a book. When I tell people I\’m a children\’s writer, I immediately get the ol\’: \”Wait a second, aren\’t you a firefighter, too?\” Um…yeah! I don\’t know. Maybe they expect me to write about pumps, friction loss, and fire hydrants. Or wait…maybe I\’m not supposed to write at all. I don\’t get it!

  3. Tempest,That\’s just their ignorance. Educate them. People always fear what they don\’t understand.Thomas,Hey, hey! I\’m a grown-up. I just like to laugh. Laughter is good for the soul—and the calories! :*) By the way, children\’s books rawk!Bernita,Thanks! :*)Gwyneth,Awwww, thanks! :*)

  4. Man O man, you just nailed it. I live in the Bible Belt, and quite a few people, when they found out I write horror gave a look I think they were saving for the antichrist, but since he/she hadn\’t come along, they decided to give it to me.In the metaphorical sense, one of my friends here at work is a 6 foot 5 behemoth weighing a whopping 350 lbs. Big boy. Rough looking. Looks like a redneck Bubba, the kind you see in the bars always starting fights.He has a small zoo in his house because he loves little furry animals like rabbits and ferrets and yes, dogs and cats. He\’s an avid vegetarian, and the biggest pacifist I know.Appearances (for books and for people) can be deceiving.

  5. Ah, John. Well, first of all, I love the cover of your book!:*) If it\’s pertinent to what\’s inside, well, it\’s going to be a great read. Just wish I could get a signed copy. When are you coming to S.C.? Can\’t wait to read it!

  6. First of all I\’m popping by to say \’hi\’ since I haven\’t in awhile. Also read your post. I love Christine Feehan\’s Dark series. I\’m on Dark Descent. Have you read Sherrilyn Kenyon\’s Dark Hunter series?

  7. Hey, Liane! I have never read the Dark Hunter series by Ms. Kenyon. I have been meaning to though. I\’ll pick it soon, with every other book I plan to read. So many books, so little time. Cursed day job! :*)

  8. Just because a writer specializes in a particular genre, it says nothing of their character.Amen! This is so true.Erica <– who is a romance writer and a desperate, horny woman *g

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