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R.I.P. Whitney

I will miss Whitney Houston’s music. With everything she went through, she is one of the best singers in history, as far as I’m concerned.

I love all of her songs, but this is one of my many favorites; I’M YOUR BABY TONIGHT:

Boring Books

For the longest time I’ve had the impulse to finish whatever book I started, no matter how boring or terrible it was.

I read a post somewhere on the internet discussing this and it got me thinking about why I did this.

A friend told me, “Why waste your time reading an awful book when there are some great books out there waiting to be read. Life is too short to read rubbish.” Okay, that wasn’t verbatim, but you get the point.

My to-be-read pile is getting out of control. I wanted to join many of the book challenges but wasn’t sure I could keep up since I wanted to finish every book I’ve started. I joined Goodreads and have realized that a good many people abandon books if they get bored or if something is off, etc.

Something clicked for me last year and I decided to not torture myself by reading a book that I didn’t like. I give some books a chance, but if I don’t see any redeeming qualities while reading, then I’ll abandon the book.

This is why I want to ensure that what I write will keep my future readers interested because I don’t want my books abandoned, left in the cold, and begging for attention. Okay, that was a bit dramatic but you get the point. 😉

So, what do you think? Do you continue reading a book even if you don’t like it or do you put it down?

A New Dawn

Happy Belated New Year. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. 🙂

I won’t ask you what your goals are for this year and such because I don’t want to list any myself. I have personal goals and don’t really want to blog about them.

I will tell you one thing though. I will definitely attend more conventions this year.

Sometimes we plan and things don’t always go the way we think they should. So, in lieu of more reading material, I offer you one of those times when things go haywire rather quickly and unexpectedly:

Time Flies!

We are almost at the close of another year, folks. I cannot believe that I have been blogging for so long. 🙂

I hope everyone had a nice holiday!

Please be sure to be careful during the holidays because so many things can happen and seem more rampant during this time of year. We all should take care in everything we do.

So keeping the aforementioned in mind, please take caution when you plan to send a naked text of yourself to someone. What do I mean? Well, make sure that you have the CORRECT number and make sure that you have a hot body to show off!* Ewwww….just ew. o.O

And also:

*A friend received a naked text by mistake from a stranger and she is still scrubbing her eyeballs clean!

What Now?

I’ve had this blog for almost five years, and although I don’t blog daily, I do try to blog when my schedule allows. I used to blog about once per week or more, depending on what I had to talk about. But I can’t think of what to blog about today.

What do you guys want to see more of on my blog? I ended up reviewing a few books, but decided against it. I may continue to have giveaways and interviews now and again, depending on a few factors.

I didn’t want to talk about reading and writing every time I blog because I like to keep it interesting; for me and my readers.

Regular commenters, occasional commenters, lurkers, and strangers are encouraged to tell me what you think. 🙂

I Can’t Wait!!!

There are too many books to count on my to-be-read pile in all genres, from all time periods, by a host of authors.

Some stories stand out more than others because of their originality and appeal.

Currently, I’m reading BAG OF BONES by Stephen King, which has been on my TBR for far too long. And since the movie will premiere on A&E on December 11th, I thought I’d better get a move on. 🙂 I prefer to read books before I watch the movie version.

THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy was something I couldn’t get enough of. I am in the middle of A LOT of series, but this one I had to devour sooner than the others. The story was/is so fascinating to me because it could really happen, IMHO.

And the sixteen-year-old protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, is a strong-willed young woman who is defiant against an unjust government. Katniss is endearing and not some whiny teen who thinks of nothing but her own interests. Even the two young men vying for her affections are characters you will love as well. I love Gale, but I’m team Peeta all the way! Teehee. 😉 

If you have not read these books, please do. The first movie is coming out March 23, 2012. And I am sooo there. 😀

And I cannot wait for this movie. Watch the trailer below:

Too Much?

I love to read–period. I read in all genres, age groups, etc. I am reading several series as well, in various genres. So many books, so little time. :-/

I was thinking the other day about when a writer should end a series? Just wrap up the characters’ lives, predicaments, relationships, etc. As a writer, I have had to think about this for my own work because I’m working on the first in a series as well.

This very topic has been discussed on numerous discussion boards. But as readers, I’d like to know what you guys think. When is enough enough?

Favorite Horror Movie Moments-Part 5

Happy Halloween! Last on my list is Firestarter (1984) starring Drew Barrymore (Charlie McGee) and David Keith (Andy McGee). The movie is based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

I love this movie. Unlike my previous favorite horror movie moments from the past month, this part isn’t funny to me. It’s serious in that this little girl lost her father and she is pissed. These people were responsible for his death. And I urged her on as I watched her get her revenge. It was shocking.

Prior to this scene, Charlie killed the man who murdered her father. But she went on to seek revenge against those who were responsible as well.

Just watch the whole scene if you wish. Rent this if you haven’t seen it before. It’s a classic.

Favorite Horror Movie Moments-Part 4

Next up, we have Tales From the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight (1995), starring Billy Zane and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Tales From the Crypt is a well known horror series that ran from 1989 to 1996. There were three films made under the franchise: the first is Demon Knight; the second is Bordello of Blood (1996), and the third is Ritual (2001). Ritual was released in 2001 without any connection to the franchise, but was later released in 2006, with the cryptkeeper parts restored. Needless to say, I never saw that movie. o.O And I didn’t care for Bordello of Blood. Demon Knight is the one I loved.

SPOILER ALERT!! My favorite part is when the Collector (Billy Zane) arrived at the motel with the sherrif and deputy in order to retrieve the key from Brayker (William Sadler), and it proved who the bad guy really was. I won’t tell you, but watch.

Skip ahead to 2:50 minutes and watch until 6:00 minutes.
If you haven’t seen this movie, rent it. In keeping with the Tales From the Crypt franchise, they like to scare you and make you laugh. And the part where the bad guy went through the window is quite humorous to me.

Watch his reaction when he throws off his coat. LOL.